Open CA Progress

I have a few Salesforce certs and like so many people out there one day, I hope to attain the rank of CTA. But currently, I am working towards something a bit different. As I also aspire to become an Open Group Certified Architect.

I work for Bluewolf who are part of IBM. One of the great things about being part of IBM is that we also get access to their own Certified Architect programme, which in turn also awards you with a counterpart Open Group certification. There is a lot to work on to get one of these certs, genuinely it requires years and years of experience, and some effort to aggregate all the evidence you need.

Like a lot of things these days it has been broken down into badges. Some are based on training that you go on, some on actual experience and will be peer-reviewed. Direct contribution to the development of others via mentoring and teaching is encouraged by this programme, as is the creation of new and innovative assets.

Progress so far…

7/10 … 3 to go!

The next post will definitely be about Salesforce.

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