Stuart Pullen

Technical Architect

Hello, welcome to Journeys By TA. My name is Stuart, and I am a Technical Architect. I love building things on the Salesforce platform.

This is a Salesforce blog I am starting to serve as a record of things that I find interesting in my career. I expect there will predominantly be a technical focus. It will be a mix of some original work and work others have done that I appreciate or admire. It will hopefully, as a result, serve to help others on their own journeys.

I named my blog according to a musical reference and an inspiration for this blog, which is an album that I used to listen to regularly, called Journeys By DJ: 70 Minutes of Madness, by Coldcut. This was something of a pioneering record, released in 1995 which really set the bar for mix albums. Comprised of 35 tracks and who knows how many hundreds of samples, some original work spliced in with bits and pieces from other artists. Linking this here makes my blog look like a myspace page, which I’m okay with. Have a listen it’s now free on Soundcloud:

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